I purchased Pro Mode but I still see advertisements.

You may need to restore your original purchase or subscription to Pro Mode. You can view the purchase screen from this link and select Restore at the bottom. This will download your receipt from Apple and verify your purchase or subscription.

I purchased Pro Mode before there was a subscription.

Awesome! Thank you very much for your continued support! All Pro Mode purchases that were made prior to the subscription pricing are still valid as a way of saying thanks for being so great. You may need to restore your purchase from this screen to re-enable your Pro Mode purchase. If you'd like to continue to support Secret Browser with your wallet, you're free to start up a subscription as well! You don't get anything extra, but your subscription helps keep the updates flowing!

I was asked to log in to my Apple ID when loading.

This may happen after the 3.3.1 update if you had purchased Pro Mode in the past. Your Apple ID may be required to restore and verify your purchase. If this is happening more often (as in, if you have to log in more than once) please let me know so I can get to the bottom of it!

Can my cellular provider or ISP see what I browse?

Secret Browser is only capable of destroying your cookies, history and LocalStorage information on the device you are using. The data that comes in from your internet service provider or cellular company is out of it's hands. Wifi networks that are not under your direct control also have the ability to see what you have browsed.

Note that achieving absolute anonymity on the internet is a very hard thing to achieve but you can do a couple of things to help your cause. Browsing websites via the https protocol instead of plain old http will help by encrypting your traffic. You can also look into a VPN service that specializes in keeping your access anonymous.

Bottom line, Secret Browser will only keep your information out of prying eyes on your device only! You are encouraged to research additional ways to keep the traffic coming in and going out of your device a secret as well, but this is outside of the scope of Secret Browser at this time.

Where can I find Settings?

All Secret Browser settings can be found in your device's Settings Application. Settings that are exclusive to Pro Mode can be found in it's own page.

Secret Browser is opening to the same page it was closed on

Secret Browser has two settings that handle when it resets the browser to a default state. Check the Settings Application for Home Reset and Lock Reset settings. Each setting will reset Secret Browser when the respective button is pressed. If you are still noticing things not being reset, please report it here.

How can I launch Secret Browser from another Application or Website?

Secret Browser uses the URL schemes sb-http: and sb-https:. You can use them to launch either http or https sites inside Secret Browser.

What's with the advertisement on the bottom of the screen?

Secret Browser has always been developed to be free for everyone. To continue to maintain and support Secret Browser, though, I need to pay the bills. You are free to hide the advertisement when it displays to free up that space for a little bit. Or subscribe to Pro mode to get rid of that advertisement (websites you visit may still display ads).